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Table 1 Summary of related works

From: Impact of CCI on performance analysis of downlink satellite-terrestrial systems: outage probability and ergodic capacity perspective

References Contexts built on NOMA Performance analysis Contributions
[11] Multi-beam satellite system Data rate fairness Performance comparison of SIC to simultaneous non-unique detection (SND)
[12] Cognitive hybrid satellite terrestrial networks Ergodic capacity Investigated improvement in the radio spectrum efficiency
[13, 15] Hybrid satellite terrestrial networks Outage performance Investigated power allocation and user fairness problems
[16] Integrated satellite terrestrial networks Outage performance and energy efficiency Investigated system performance under the effect of hardware impairments
[18] Integrated satellite terrestrial networks System capacity Investigated beamforming for maximization of the minimum channel correlation and achieved efficient user pairing with the proposed scheme
[22] Hybrid satellite terrestrial relay networks Outage performance Investigated the system under the effect of imperfect CSI and analyzed the system with channel estimation errors and fading parameters. Proposed a low complexity algorithm to yield efficient results
Our research Terrestrial satellite relay network with CCI and imperfect CSI Outage performance and ergodic capacity Investigated and compared performance with CCI and imperfect CSI