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Table 2 Table of parameters

From: Impact of CCI on performance analysis of downlink satellite-terrestrial systems: outage probability and ergodic capacity perspective




The number of CCI sources affecting the relay.


Messages for destination \(D_i\)


Unit energy signal of the n-th interference source


Power allocation coefficients, where \(A_1 + A_2 = 1\) and \(A_1 > A_2\).


Transmit power at S


Transmit power at R


Transmit power of the n-th interference source


Transmit power of the n-th interference source


Additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) for \(CN(0,N_0)\)


Channel coefficient from S to R


Channel coefficient from R to \(D_i\)


Channel coefficient from n-th interference source to the relay


Estimated channel coefficients


Channel estimation error

\(\varGamma (.)\)

Complete Gamma function

\(\varGamma (.,.)\)

Upper incomplete Gamma function

\({_1 F_1}\left( {. ,.,.} \right)\)

Confluent hypergeometric function of the first kind

\(G^{1,1}_{1,1} [.]\)

Meijer’s G-function

\(G^{1,1,1,1,1}_{1,[1,1],0,[1,1]} [.,.]\)

Meijer’s G-function with two variables