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Table 4 Measured throughput of MIMO 100 MHz for powerline profile

From: ELIoT: enhancing LiFi for next-generation Internet of things

Scenario Description Downlink [Mb/s] Uplink [Mb/s]
5 User-side OFEs kept 1 m apart 191 Not measured
6 Same as [5] but ceiling \(OF{E}_{C1}\) and user \(OF{E}_{U1}\) blocked 108 Not measured
7 User-side OFEs put close together and placed in the middle of the coverage area 115 112
8 Same as [7] but user OFEs placed right below ceiling \(OF{E}_{C2}\) and ceiling \(OF{E}_{C1}\) blocked 108 101
9 Same as [8] but ceiling \(OF{E}_{C1}\) is unblocked 131 133