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Table 1 System parameters

From: Location-aided uplink transmission for user-centric cell-free massive MIMO systems: a fairness priority perspective

Number of APs N
Total number of UEs K
Number of antennas per AP M
Coherence block \(\tau _{\mathrm{c}}\)
Number of uplink pilots samples \(\tau _{\mathrm{p}}\)
Channel vector for the nth AP and kth UE \({{{\textbf {h}}}}_{nk}\)
Number of paths L
Large-scale fading coefficient \(\beta _{nk}\)
Small-scale fading coefficient for the lth path \(\alpha _{nk}^l\)
Array steering vector for the lth path \({{\mathbf {a}}}\left( {\theta _{nk}^l } \right)\)