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Rain Attenuation at 58 GHz: Prediction versus Long-Term Trial Results


Electromagnetic wave propagation research in frequency band 58 GHz was started at TESTCOM in Praha due to lack of experimentally obtained results needed for a realistic calculation of quality and availability of point-to-point fixed systems. Rain attenuation data obtained from a path at 58 GHz with V polarization located in Praha was processed over a 5-year period. Rainfall intensities have been measured by means of a heated siphon rain gauge. In parallel, rainfall intensity data from rain gauge records was statistically processed over the same year periods as the rain attenuation data. Cumulative distributions of rainfall intensities obtained as well as cumulative distributions of rain attenuation obtained are compared with the calculated ones in accordance with relevant ITU-R recommendations. The results obtained can be used as the primary basis for the possible extension of the ITU-R recommendation for calculating rain attenuation distributions up to 60 GHz. The obtained dependence of percentages of time of the average year on the percentages of time of the average worst month is also compared with the relevant ITU-R recommendation. The results obtained are discussed.



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