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WCDMA Multiservice Uplink Capacity of Highways Cigar-Shaped Microcells


The multiservice uplink capacity and the interference (intracellular and intercellular) statistics (mean and variance) of the sectors of cigar-shaped wideband code-division multiple access (WCDMA) microcell are studied using a model of 5 highway microcells in rural zone. The two-slope propagation loss model with lognormal shadowing is used in the analysis. The capacity and the interference statistics of the microcell are studied for different sector ranges, antenna side lobe levels, standard deviation of the power control error, breakpoint distance, and different intersites correlation coefficient. It is shown that reducing the antenna side lobe level increases the sector capacity. Also, it is shown that the sector range that gives the quasi the maximum sector capacity is in the order of 800 to 1200 m.



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