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  • Research Article
  • Open Access

Downlink Space-Frequency Preequalization Techniques for TDD MC-CDMA Mobile Radio Systems

EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking20042004:706371

  • Received: 31 October 2003
  • Published:


The paper considers downlink space-frequency preequalizations techniques for time division duplex (TDD) MC-CDMA. We consider the use of antenna arrays at the base station (BS) and analytically derive different preequalization schemes for two different receiver configurations at the mobile terminal: a simple despread receiver without channel equalization and an equal-gain combiner (EGC) conventional receiver. We show that the space-frequency preequalization approach proposed allows to format the transmitted signals so that the multiple access interference at mobile terminals is reduced allowing to transfer the most computational complexity from mobile terminal to the BS. Simulation results are carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed preequalization schemes.


  • preequalization
  • antenna array
  • TDD
  • downlink