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Factor-Graph-Based Soft Self-Iterative Equalizer for Multipath Channels

EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking20052005:687651

  • Received: 30 April 2004
  • Published:


We consider factor-graph-based soft self-iterative equalization in wireless multipath channels. Since factor graphs are able to characterize multipath channels to per-path level, the corresponding soft self-iterative equalizer possesses reduced computational complexity in sparse multipath channels. The performance of the considered self-iterative equalizer is analyzed in both single-antenna and multiple-antenna multipath channels. When factor graphs of multipath channels have no cycles or mild cycle conditions, the considered self-iterative equalizer can converge to optimum performance after a few iterations; but it may suffer local convergence in channels with severe cycle conditions.


  • factor graph
  • equalizer
  • iterative processing
  • multipath fading
  • MIMO

Authors’ Affiliations

Silicon Laboratories, Inc., Austin, TX 78735, USA
NEC Laboratories America, Inc., Princeton, NJ 08540, USA
Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027, USA