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Cross-Layer Quality-of-Service Analysis and Call Admission Control in the Uplink of CDMA Cellular Networks


This paper addresses cross-layer quality-of-service (QoS) provisioning in the uplink of CDMA cellular mobile networks. Each mobile can take up to four UMTS traffic classes in our model. At the data link layer and the network layer, the QoS performances are defined in terms of signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio and outage probability, and packet loss rate and delay, respectively. A call admission control scheme which fulfills these QoS metrics is developed to maximize the system capacity. The novelty of this paper is that the effect of the lengthening of the on-periods of non-real-time traffic classes is investigated by using the Go-Back-N automatic retransmission request mechanism with finite buffer size and limited number of retransmissions in the event of transmission errors. Simulation results for a specific example demonstrate the reasonableness of the analytical formulation.



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