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Effective Radio Resource Management for Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Services in UMTS Networks


Broadcast and multicast offer a significant improvement of spectrum utilization, and become particularly important where information channels are shared among several users. Mobile cellular environments are expected to evolve with the technological approaches necessary to facilitate the deployment of multimedia services, such as streaming, file download, and carousel services. The perspective that video streaming in wireless networks services is an attractive service to end-users has spurred the research in this area. To provide for a video delivery platform in UMTS, the third generation partnership project (3GPP) addressed this problem with the introduction of the multimedia broadcast and multicast services (MBMS) in 3GPP Release 6. In this document we analyse several effective radio resource management techniques to provide MBMS, namely, use of nonuniform QAM constellations, multicode, and macrodiversity to guarantee the optimal distribution of QoS depending on the location of mobiles.



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